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March 7, 2006

Spring Training

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Spring Traing schedule here. BostonHerald gallery here.

Spring Training stats aren’t supposed to be important but stinking it up has to be a sure way to get noticed. Here are the Spring Training leaderbords for the Sox at ESPN – hitters and pitchers. Some early returns:

  • The deeper Sox pitching appears to have the young guys gunning early… 8 relievers have combined for no runs over 13 innings. Do not leave a game early.
  • The established pitchers are tinkering with their deliveries… Wakefield is the only starter I recognise with an era under 10.
  • Loretta and Crisp appear to be making statements while Youkilis is having a miserable time. Are the regular hitters all late with Manny? The Sox lineups look like roll call with the seven dwarves.
  • Oh and before you ask – after yesterday’s post Dustin is 0-1. Talk about kiss of death 🙂

Dustin Pedroia – the Fight in the Dog

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Dustin Pedroia was selected by the Redsox with their first pick of the 2004 draft after excelling at SS for Arizona State. In that year he got 200ab in rookie ball. In 2005 he split time between AA(256ab .917ops) and AAA(204ab .738ops). The Sox moved him to 2B and he’s still only 21. By all measures a guy to watch.

But that may be under estimating him at the moment. Pecota, the predictive measure of choice at Baseball Prospectus, gives Dustin the following line if he were playing for the Sox this year:

551ab, .300avg, .365obp, .458slg, 33.8vorp

The vorp of 33.8 is the most telling for me. Vorp values hitters and pitchers relative to others at that position. Dustin ranks 3rd among all position players in the Redsox system including the MLB roster, like this:

David Ortiz(60.9)

Manny Ramirez(49.8)

Dustin Pedroia(33.8)

Jason Varitek(29.1).

Remember too that he’s 21! Players generally improve until the age of 28 or so – any guess what he’ll be worth in 6 or 7 years?

Not everyone’s convinced of course. Tim Savage recently pointed out on the Redsox email list that Kevin Goldstien at BP believes Pecota is being favorable to him on both physical makeup and timelines against the guys he’s being compared to (Gary Sheffield, Ron Hunt, Marcus Giles).

And of course he’s had 1 year of Pro ball. But that’s not to say there’s any evidence of failure there yet.

In any case interesting stuff for a farm system that’s also been chugging out pitching prospects recently. And before you ask, yes I picked up Dustin early in OOOL’s 2005 draft 🙂

Hello world!

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Basically I spend too much time on these things and thought it’d be worthwhile to journal some of them in case anyone else had any ideas. Hell I might even improve my prose 🙂

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