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January 30, 2008

How different was the Mets bid for Santana?

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Baseball Prospectus: I didn’t want to post on the whole Santana >> Mets announcement because I thought the Sox office did a bangup job setting the agenda for everyone else, holding their line and still coming out of it with their kids. Ie – no news is good news.

I have to say though Joe Sheenan of BP came up with an observation that caught my eye – the 4 players traded to the Twins wouldn’t presently make the Mets 25 man roster. One reported package from the Sox had 3 such players (Coco, Lester, Lowrie). As a result I believe the trade is as much about the Twins’ plans being longer term than the immediacy of the Sox package than anything else.

To put it differently, did the Twins decide they can’t compete for the next 2 years with the Sox offer? Did they decide to stock their minors with the longer range Mets package instead?


January 29, 2008

Matsuzaka gets a licking in Japan

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JapanToday: TOKYO — Japan Post Network Co said Monday it will begin selling commemorative postage stamps on Tuesday featuring photos of Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. The stamps will commemorate the Japanese pitcher’s debut as a major league player last year and his team’s victory in the World Series, the company said. […] Matsuzaka said, “I’m so thrilled because I never dreamed of ever appearing on postage stamps.” […]

Change of Sox – Boston trades for Aardasma

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Globe,Rotoworld: David Aardsma was acquired from the Whitesox for Willy Mota and Miguel Socolovich, leaving 39 on the active roster. Apparently he lead all AL relievers in Ks last April before the wheels fell off and he ended the year in AAA. Rotoworld thinks it’s a good move for pen depth, while noting he’s out of options so will most likely stick with the team if he makes it.

January 26, 2008

Clay getting no love – Wilkerson deadline?

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RotoAuthority + MLB Trade Rumors: RA is noting it’s extremely hard to project Clay. His peripherals are strong, he had is no hitter, but he hasn’t enough time above AA ball to mark him better than solid (3.86 ERA and 1.32 WHIP). Most of it’s about play time. Here’s hoping he comes out of Spring Training strong.

Also MLBTR is reporting a rumor that Wilkerson has been given a single year with sexy $2M signing bonus offer from the Sox with a deadline of today. His best chance of playtime remains elsewhere.

Snyder signs… a non guaranteed contract?

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Globe: The Red Sox today agreed to terms with righthanded pitcher Kyle Snyder on a one-year, non-guaranteed contract for the 2008 season. No further terms were disclosed. […]

Rotoworld: Reports the figure at $835,000.

I suppose non guaranteed contract means… I dunno what that means 🙂 Anyone?

January 24, 2008

Sleeve advertising in Japan

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BDD: Sorry. I know there’s advertising galore on Japan trips, but the EMC sleeve advertising on a Sox uniform looks just wrong.

January 23, 2008

The bonus plans

Filed under: Uncategorized — drbob00 @ 6:26 am […] The Sox on Tuesday agreed to Minor League contracts with both Dan Kolb and Dan Miceli, according to the Associated Press. Right now, the deals are worth $78,000 and $84,000, respectively — but should either reliever make it to Boston, his contract’s value would jump up to $650,000 plus performance incentives. […]

Globe: The Sox are said to want to find a bench bat this by then end of this week. Brad Wilkerson (.786 ops) is the most often mentioned, but he may have better options. Other candidates on the market are Sean Casey (.746 ops), Tony Clark (.822 ops), Doug Mientkiewicz (.789 ops), Mark Sweeney (.732 ops), and Eric Hinske (.714 ops). Personally I think Brad’s OBP (.319) is too low but that’s just me.

January 22, 2008

Wow – missed that – Kevin Cash

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Rotoworld: Sox resigned a group of minor leaguers and Kevin Cash. That’s Kevin Cash of the caught the knuckler fame. Now I understand Dougie has a familiarity as Tim’s caddie, but wow, Kevin’s 7 years younger and neither of them hit a lick. Actually no, a 37 year old Doug with no power still outhits Cash 😦

January 19, 2008

Sox exchange figures with Youklis and Snyder

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Globe:Youklis is asking $3.75M while Sox are offering $2.5M. Youk would be worth it on the market but he’s not there yet. Here’s hoping he gets the extra 50% increase.

Snyder is asking for about $1M with the Sox offering $725k.

I don’t believe Theo has ever gone to arbitration.

Javier Lopez – Value where you can find it

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The moneyball approach is sometimes summarised too far. Some people think it’s unglamorous stats like OBP, WHIP and Zone Rating, rather than traditional eye poppers like HRs, ERA and RBIs. The issue in my honest opinion it’s more about finding cheap value.

Enter Javier Lopez. He finished the year with a 1.3 WHIP and a 3.30 ERA, but Rotoworld as good as writes him up as a failure because he’s a LHP with a reverse platoon – LHB hit him at a .290 clip. I guess Rotoworld would rather pay for a ‘recognised’ RHP who has a 1.05 WHIP and a .175 BAA vs RHB 🙂

Lopez also had the second highest number of appearances in the pen.

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