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February 25, 2008

it would be Bartolo Colon

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projo: Sean McAdam is saying Bartolo has signed a minor league deal for a non guaranteed $1.2M plus incentives. He’s been injured the last 2 years, and it’s seen his hits/9 and hr/9 jump leading to a 6.* era. His control seems to have remained, but he’s never been known for his peripheral stuff and his fastball has apparently been clocked at only 91. Good luck to him.

The most solid acquisition was Tito re-signing for enough years and dollars to put him into the top 3 managers 🙂


February 14, 2008

So if the Bosox acquire a starter….

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Projo, MLBTradeRumors : So the Sox are down a starter and have Crisp and other pieces to trade, who do they go after?

Sean McAdam puts forward Kyle Lohse as the best of SP free agents in a buyer’s market which still includes Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Rodrigo Lopez, Eric Milton and Jeff Weaver (most of who were broken or busted last year).

What’s predictable is that MLBTradeRumors seems to think we’re more likely to trade, and they suggest Joe Blanton, Gil Meche, Ben Sheets, or Ian Snell.

Any ideas anyone? 🙂

February 12, 2008

Schilling’s 2008 contract not insured?

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Rotoworld, Globe: Apparently the Sox knew Schilling might be missing a good chunk of 2008 and didn’t insure the contract either. Wow.

Weirder – Clemens’ wife took HGH?

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BDD, NYDailyNews, Rotoworld: Weirder and Weirder – McNamee claims Clemens asked him to inject Clemens’ wife with HGH to tone up for “Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue in 2003”. The NYDailyNews carries a photo. Meanwhile, Andy Pettite, who was quite clear saying he took PEDs, now appears so confused against Roger’s recollections that he’s been excused from testifying Wednesday. What a circus 😦

February 11, 2008

Youuuuk signs $3M 1yr deal

Filed under: Uncategorized — drbob00 @ 4:26 am Sox and Kevin Youkilis avoid arbitration with a $3M 1 year deal. How good is the Sox farm these days? Youk hit .388 with four homers an 10 RBIs in October.

February 8, 2008

People in glass houses

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BostonDirtDogs, Globe: McNamee, who has been the target of a defamation suit by Clemens, allowed Clemens to testify under oath that he didn’t use steroids, then has apparently produced physical evidence of syringes with PEDs and Roger’s DNA. Note that lying to congress can mean up to 5 years in prison for either McNamee or Clemens and they both can’t be right.

Dr Morgan says Schill may not pitch again

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DennisAndCallahan, Schill’s Blog, Globe, Projo : Dr Morgan has done his own examination and seen the MRIs the Sox medical staff have used. The Sox staff appear to be saying what looks like a breakup of the shoulder is a fault of the MRI and not real. DrMorgan says Schill won’t pitch again without surgery, and that if he had it now he may be ready 2 months after the All Star Break. DrMorgan says the strategy of using cortizone, and exercising the shoulder as Schill has agreed to do, simply adds to the eventual return date when he does have surgery. The Sox staff believe surgery would most likely end his season.

February 3, 2008

Cora on k$20 bond for probation violation

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Rotoworld, Palm Beach Post: Apparently he missed a court date after receiving probation after pleading no contest to a DUI charge in 99. He apparently submitted himself to the jailhouse and was released on a $20k bond.

Sox sign Casey for 1y k$800 deal

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BostonDirtDogs,Globe: The Sox have signed Casey for $800k, and I have to say I always thought he’d be the kind of hitter Theo would go for. Good average, good on base, better than average defense, good presence in the clubhouse and a flaw that keeps his price down – he’s lost almost all his power.

Of course I was higher on him when he still had the power but I’m good :).

February 1, 2008

Highest ranked pitching prospect in the MLB – Clay!

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Baseball Prospectus: Clay is the highest ranked rookie pitcher by Kevin Goldstien of BP, and 2nd overall. He gave the Sox 7 spots in the top 100. Valentine notes the Jays and Orioles have 4 combined.

Why the ruckus? Here’s what happens when you correlate these 6 Boston prospects against their summed 2007-2011 vorp totals from BP:

2. Clay Buchholz, rhp, Red Sox 5yVORP 34.3
16. Jacoby Ellsbury, of, Red Sox 5yVORP 78.6
53. Justin Masterson, rhp, Red Sox 5yVORP 84.9
57. Jed Lowrie, ss, Red Sox 5yVORP 36.4
60. Ryan Kalish, of, Red Sox 5yVORP tbc
95. Michael Bowden, rhp, Red Sox 5yVORP 38.8
100. Lars Anderson, 1b, Red Sox 5yVORP tbc

To give some perspective to the worth of these guys, here’s the matching line for Brad Wilkerson who was seeking a M$24/3year deal a month ago:
Brad Wilkerson, 1b/of, free agent 5y VORP 19.0

Or the guys traded for Santana
Phillip Humber, RHP, Mets 5y VORP 16.6
Carlos Gomez, OF, Mets 5y VORP 42.1
Kevin Mulvey, Mets 5y VORP 47.8
Deolis Guerra, Mets 5y VORP 53.8

Of course these numbers are highly variable for unproven farm guys, but wholy moley 🙂

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