The Redsox and other addictions

February 8, 2008

People in glass houses

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BostonDirtDogs, Globe: McNamee, who has been the target of a defamation suit by Clemens, allowed Clemens to testify under oath that he didn’t use steroids, then has apparently produced physical evidence of syringes with PEDs and Roger’s DNA. Note that lying to congress can mean up to 5 years in prison for either McNamee or Clemens and they both can’t be right.


Dr Morgan says Schill may not pitch again

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DennisAndCallahan, Schill’s Blog, Globe, Projo : Dr Morgan has done his own examination and seen the MRIs the Sox medical staff have used. The Sox staff appear to be saying what looks like a breakup of the shoulder is a fault of the MRI and not real. DrMorgan says Schill won’t pitch again without surgery, and that if he had it now he may be ready 2 months after the All Star Break. DrMorgan says the strategy of using cortizone, and exercising the shoulder as Schill has agreed to do, simply adds to the eventual return date when he does have surgery. The Sox staff believe surgery would most likely end his season.

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