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January 7, 2010

Beltre and Hall pass physicals

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The Globe had the press releases for the acquisitions of Beltre and Hall.

Beltre is apparently on a M$9 deal that fires a 2011 option of M$9 if he makes 640abs, attainable if he’s a regular high in the order.

Hall’s details include reference to his doubles power with 20 or more for 6 seasons, which seems like code for ‘reasonable wall ball proponent’ 🙂


January 6, 2010

Kotchman for Hall

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The Globe is reporting that Kotchman could be going to the Mariners for Bill Hall with cash and parts in motion.

I like Bill Hall, and any roto player would noting his monster (537 .270 .345 .553 35 hr) season for the Brewers in 2006. He’s cooled glacially to (120 .200 .244 .333) with the Mariners in the second half of last year.

What’s interesting here is moving Kotchman, who was to be the 1B backup. I’d assume he’s redundant, which implies (to me anyway) that the Sox might be keeping Mikey Lowell backing up 1B/DH. Here’s hoping.

Jacoby to LF and other cost limiting moves

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Dan Roche twittered that Tito has asked Jacoby to move to LF and will put Cameron in CF, citing Cameron’s better play and Jacoby’s speed off the mark as the reason. Big deal you might say. But what’s interesting to me is how it puts a cost parameter to the player in question – we can replace a major factor of you with a value signing at less $$$ and less years. This would not be lost on Jacoby who I believe is a Boras client.

What’s interesting to me is that this might be seen as the second significant price equality statement introduced to the Sox roster this year. By signing Lackey at $16.5M per, no small change but still considered a bargain, and making repeated statements that he has a performance similarity to Beckett, the Sox are creating another price comparison in their team for Beckett.

In short, if Jacoby and Josh want to be paid more than Cameron / Lackey (at least per year) they need to outperform them. If both respond then the Sox get 4 top shelf producers at manageable cost.

As mentioned before, nowhere will this effect be felt more than against the Angels, who not only lost their Ace but will now watch him compete with 2 other aces in the same team. And this can only be worsened by the Mariners reloading on defence with a park that eats offense.

January 5, 2010

Sox apparently sign Beltre

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The Globe is reporting that the Sox have come to terms with Beltre for a 1y/M$9 for 2010 and a player option of M$5 for 2011 with a M$1 buyout.

Fantastic result, picking up a player who appears to want to raise his value with a strong year in the hope of a longer term deal from us or someone else in 2011. Kudos to Theo and tips to Tim Savage who has consistently argued this point with me for at least a month 🙂

Looking at the platoons now:
RHP: Ortiz (386 .250 .346 .481 .828) Lowell (302 .285 .324 .460 .784) Beltre (328 .253 .271 .345 .616)
LHP: Ortiz (165 .212 .298 .418 .716) Lowell (143 .301 .363 .503 .867) Beltre (121 .298 .384 .471 .855)
Assuming Beltre plays fulltime, he’s good for about 5th vs LHP and 8th vs RHP. Lowell and Papi then have complementary splits (bite my tongue).

What I don’t understand is how heavily biased the Sox are becoming against LHP – vs LHP they may bat to 8, vs RHP they bat to 6? And this is compounded by most of our power prospects in the minors flaring out, and it seems so many of our high order picks going on 5 tools players (inferring less raw power).

Theo has never been accused of not having a plan. I’m assuming he’s noticed the FA class for the 2011 and 2012 seasons includes some LH power 🙂

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