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February 16, 2010

Mikey, VMart and Mr 90mph

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Bits and bobs via RotoWorld:

1) Theo is saying he’s going to see about getting Mikey Lowell playtime at First Base. Makes sense.
2) VMart is saying he’s open to talking about a contract extension.
3) The Sox are apparently interested in Cuba’s top ranked RHP from 2009, Yuniesky Maya. He’s said to have great control, but his fastball sits at 88-92mph and projects in the back half of the rotation after minor league time.

Followed by a quality update from the globe:
4) Sox will mix Mikey at 3B and 1B when he’s ready after surgery.
5) No truth to Johnny Damon rumors.
6) DiceK is back in Boston on business and will be back. He and the team are good.
7) Despite not having many open roster spots, there 70 players in camp early, which means they’re getting the league diem until camp opens. Some free agents intrigue him, but they may want more opportunity.
8 ) He’s glad VMart likes the team but has no comment.


February 14, 2010

PECOTA speaketh… and surprises

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In case you missed it, PECOTA projects the Sox to win the ALEast with a 94:68 record over the Yanks 92:70 and Tampa 91:71. 3 Teams tie for first in the Central Chicago, Tigers, Twins with 80:82, and the Rangers win the West on 87:75. Perhaps most amazingly the Angels fall below .500 to 76:86.

Hooley Dooley I can see some tears before bedtime 🙂 Honestly though I think PECOTA might be treating some of the New Yankee Stadium HR silliness as an aberration to be corrected this year, which obviously isn’t going to happen.

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