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March 23, 2010

How Mauer effects VMart

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A great piece from Sean McAdam of NECN discussing how the Mauer signing changes the landscape with no comperable option will exist in 2011 for the RedSox or Yankees… He also balances that against he risk that while Victor is a great catcher he’s an average 1B/DH – and much better options such as Fielder / Pujols / Howard who will be available in the same time interval… Sean does great work.


March 15, 2010

BosoxListA Draft Order and Keepers

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So here’s the proposed mechanism for determining draft order for the BosoxListA Draft this year. Thanks to Mike Webb for coming up with the bulk of the idea.

1) Each manager needs to respond to this post with a number in the range [100 to 700] (eg: 499), Their team name and their keeper player.
2) Once numbers are in, we will pick a suitable URL for a public news piece. I will cut an paste this (with URL first) into a text editor and the number a manager chooses will correspond to a word in the news piece. Draft order will be ANSI alphabetical order of the word matching the number you chose. I will post draft order, keepers and the reference document used here.
3) New Managers will be able to select a keeper in reverse order (later draft picks choose keepers first).


Keeper lists so far are:
team: The Variteknical Writers
keeper: Albert Pujol
number: 191
team: Left Coast Green
keeper: Manny Ramirez
number: 314
team: Sydney WhiteSox
keeper: 201
number: Miguel Cabrera
team: Chicopee Beaneaters
keeper: Mark Reynolds
number: 538
team: Abingdon Red Sox
keeper: Ryan Braun
number: 344
team: Elm City Weavers
keeper: (New Team / Old Manager – Keeper to be determined)
number: 423
team: Marlo Stanfield
keeper: New manager, so no keeper
number: 153
team: Baton Rouge Crawfish
keeper: Keeper Troy Tulowitski.
number: 224
team: The Never Nudes:
keeper: Keeper: Evan Longoria
number: Word: 388
team: Monster WallBangers
keeper: new team
number: 501
team: Halifax Panthers
keeper: Ryan Howard
number: 245
team: Sydney Sabots
keeper: Chase Utley
number: 428

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