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May 30, 2010

The most expensive defence in the AL?

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I was surprised to notice that Coolstandings as of today has the Redsox as having allowed more runs than any other team in the American League at 250. The best is Tampa at 167.

How can it be possible that we do a swap for defence and pitching and the run prevention gets worse?

Luckily our offence is 2nd in the AL at 265 behind the Yankees on 271.


May 12, 2010

Jon Lester – How good is he?

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So I have this theory that we sometimes take some of our workhorses for granted (nee Tim Wakefield). With this thought in mind I heard mention on Sunday Night Baseball that Jon Lester’s current win-loss record matched Roger Clemens at the same point of his career…

So I went to check Jon in Baseball Prospectus. The following are his highest comperables:

1 Erik Hanson 1991 2 Pedro Martinez 1998 3 Wade Miller 2003 4 Andy Pettitte 1998 5 Ben Sheets 2005 6 Tom Glavine 1992 7 Charles Nagy 1993 8 CC Sabathia 2007 9 Mike Witt 1987 10 Roger Clemens 1989

That’s a mighty impressive list. Would you trade your cahoonas for any of those guys at that point of their careers? Pretty much. Did you realise Jon was that good? Probably not. Point made 🙂

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