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August 4, 2010

Adam Dunn

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How well are the Washington Nationals doing? They apparently just placed Adam Dunn on the waiver wire. Yes the guy leading his team in 4 offensive categories home runs (26), RBIs (67), runs (61) and OPS (.933).

Of course his defense is brutal, but the National League teams will get a shot at him before the BoSox get a go. I’ve always wondered if he’d benefit from a shift down the defensive spectrum, say from OF > 1B or DH.


Barret Loux and What Could Have Been

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I just don’t agree with Passan’s column on Barret Loux and the Diamondbacks not taking up his contract on medical grounds, and instead receiving compensation picks.

I agree with the evidence described. Barret was taken in the first round and reported for medical checks. The medical checks were a problem, showing both that he had injuries to his shoulder (labrium tear) and elbow(may require Tommy John). But I don’t agree that the Diamondbacks are refusing to sign Barret so they can acquire compensation picks. This seems a nutty causal relationship to me.

If the Diamondbacks don’t think he’s healthy they aren’t obliged to sign him. All agreements are contingent on medical checks, and Barret has apparently missed.

Beyond that, the rule that allows teams to receive compensation picks would largely seem to have been enacted to compensate teams for players refusing to sign, and I understand holdouts are the most regular use of the rule.

While the medical reports are personally shattering for Barret, I don’t understand it makes any sense to handle holdouts(which largely benefit players) any differently.

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