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August 4, 2010

Adam Dunn

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How well are the Washington Nationals doing? They apparently just placed Adam Dunn on the waiver wire. Yes the guy leading his team in 4 offensive categories home runs (26), RBIs (67), runs (61) and OPS (.933).

Of course his defense is brutal, but the National League teams will get a shot at him before the BoSox get a go. I’ve always wondered if he’d benefit from a shift down the defensive spectrum, say from OF > 1B or DH.


Barret Loux and What Could Have Been

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I just don’t agree with Passan’s column on Barret Loux and the Diamondbacks not taking up his contract on medical grounds, and instead receiving compensation picks.

I agree with the evidence described. Barret was taken in the first round and reported for medical checks. The medical checks were a problem, showing both that he had injuries to his shoulder (labrium tear) and elbow(may require Tommy John). But I don’t agree that the Diamondbacks are refusing to sign Barret so they can acquire compensation picks. This seems a nutty causal relationship to me.

If the Diamondbacks don’t think he’s healthy they aren’t obliged to sign him. All agreements are contingent on medical checks, and Barret has apparently missed.

Beyond that, the rule that allows teams to receive compensation picks would largely seem to have been enacted to compensate teams for players refusing to sign, and I understand holdouts are the most regular use of the rule.

While the medical reports are personally shattering for Barret, I don’t understand it makes any sense to handle holdouts(which largely benefit players) any differently.

May 30, 2010

The most expensive defence in the AL?

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I was surprised to notice that Coolstandings as of today has the Redsox as having allowed more runs than any other team in the American League at 250. The best is Tampa at 167.

How can it be possible that we do a swap for defence and pitching and the run prevention gets worse?

Luckily our offence is 2nd in the AL at 265 behind the Yankees on 271.

May 12, 2010

Jon Lester – How good is he?

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So I have this theory that we sometimes take some of our workhorses for granted (nee Tim Wakefield). With this thought in mind I heard mention on Sunday Night Baseball that Jon Lester’s current win-loss record matched Roger Clemens at the same point of his career…

So I went to check Jon in Baseball Prospectus. The following are his highest comperables:

1 Erik Hanson 1991 2 Pedro Martinez 1998 3 Wade Miller 2003 4 Andy Pettitte 1998 5 Ben Sheets 2005 6 Tom Glavine 1992 7 Charles Nagy 1993 8 CC Sabathia 2007 9 Mike Witt 1987 10 Roger Clemens 1989

That’s a mighty impressive list. Would you trade your cahoonas for any of those guys at that point of their careers? Pretty much. Did you realise Jon was that good? Probably not. Point made 🙂

April 1, 2010

Good news story collapsing – Embree

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Alan Embree – hero of the 2004 campaign – has given up 10 runs in just over 2 innings of work and is expecting to be sent to the minors when camp breaks.

March 23, 2010

How Mauer effects VMart

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A great piece from Sean McAdam of NECN discussing how the Mauer signing changes the landscape with no comperable option will exist in 2011 for the RedSox or Yankees… He also balances that against he risk that while Victor is a great catcher he’s an average 1B/DH – and much better options such as Fielder / Pujols / Howard who will be available in the same time interval… Sean does great work.

March 15, 2010

BosoxListA Draft Order and Keepers

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So here’s the proposed mechanism for determining draft order for the BosoxListA Draft this year. Thanks to Mike Webb for coming up with the bulk of the idea.

1) Each manager needs to respond to this post with a number in the range [100 to 700] (eg: 499), Their team name and their keeper player.
2) Once numbers are in, we will pick a suitable URL for a public news piece. I will cut an paste this (with URL first) into a text editor and the number a manager chooses will correspond to a word in the news piece. Draft order will be ANSI alphabetical order of the word matching the number you chose. I will post draft order, keepers and the reference document used here.
3) New Managers will be able to select a keeper in reverse order (later draft picks choose keepers first).


Keeper lists so far are:
team: The Variteknical Writers
keeper: Albert Pujol
number: 191
team: Left Coast Green
keeper: Manny Ramirez
number: 314
team: Sydney WhiteSox
keeper: 201
number: Miguel Cabrera
team: Chicopee Beaneaters
keeper: Mark Reynolds
number: 538
team: Abingdon Red Sox
keeper: Ryan Braun
number: 344
team: Elm City Weavers
keeper: (New Team / Old Manager – Keeper to be determined)
number: 423
team: Marlo Stanfield
keeper: New manager, so no keeper
number: 153
team: Baton Rouge Crawfish
keeper: Keeper Troy Tulowitski.
number: 224
team: The Never Nudes:
keeper: Keeper: Evan Longoria
number: Word: 388
team: Monster WallBangers
keeper: new team
number: 501
team: Halifax Panthers
keeper: Ryan Howard
number: 245
team: Sydney Sabots
keeper: Chase Utley
number: 428

February 16, 2010

Mikey, VMart and Mr 90mph

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Bits and bobs via RotoWorld:

1) Theo is saying he’s going to see about getting Mikey Lowell playtime at First Base. Makes sense.
2) VMart is saying he’s open to talking about a contract extension.
3) The Sox are apparently interested in Cuba’s top ranked RHP from 2009, Yuniesky Maya. He’s said to have great control, but his fastball sits at 88-92mph and projects in the back half of the rotation after minor league time.

Followed by a quality update from the globe:
4) Sox will mix Mikey at 3B and 1B when he’s ready after surgery.
5) No truth to Johnny Damon rumors.
6) DiceK is back in Boston on business and will be back. He and the team are good.
7) Despite not having many open roster spots, there 70 players in camp early, which means they’re getting the league diem until camp opens. Some free agents intrigue him, but they may want more opportunity.
8 ) He’s glad VMart likes the team but has no comment.

February 14, 2010

PECOTA speaketh… and surprises

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In case you missed it, PECOTA projects the Sox to win the ALEast with a 94:68 record over the Yanks 92:70 and Tampa 91:71. 3 Teams tie for first in the Central Chicago, Tigers, Twins with 80:82, and the Rangers win the West on 87:75. Perhaps most amazingly the Angels fall below .500 to 76:86.

Hooley Dooley I can see some tears before bedtime 🙂 Honestly though I think PECOTA might be treating some of the New Yankee Stadium HR silliness as an aberration to be corrected this year, which obviously isn’t going to happen.

January 7, 2010

Beltre and Hall pass physicals

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The Globe had the press releases for the acquisitions of Beltre and Hall.

Beltre is apparently on a M$9 deal that fires a 2011 option of M$9 if he makes 640abs, attainable if he’s a regular high in the order.

Hall’s details include reference to his doubles power with 20 or more for 6 seasons, which seems like code for ‘reasonable wall ball proponent’ 🙂

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